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Word, The Words & The Wordle

Just as with the first book, the first thing that I needed to do requires nothing more than a bit of patience and a lot of copying and I have spent several hours today doing just that. I am conscious of not just publishing a blog. If you […]

A Visit To Tent Heaven…

Tentย heavenย  or the nearest I have ever come to tentย heavenย  can be found on the third floor of an old mill in the Calder Valley of West Yorkshire. It’s home to Springfield Camping and is the kind of shop that you really could live your entire life exploring. […]

Camping The Eurovelo 8

It is by far my preferred type of accommodation. Usually. OK, when in a city centre, I am more often than not seduced by the attractions of a hotel but anywhere which is remotely green (and even not-so-remotely green), give me a camp-site any day. When I cycled […]