Eurovelo 12

ev12The North Sea Cycle Route
The second of the circular routes and a EuroVelo route that, along with EuroVelo 6, has a well-developed infrastructure. Courtesy of a few ferry journeys, it joins up the countries that share a coastline on the North Sea: the United Kingdom, The Netherlands, Germany, Denmark, Sweden and Norway.
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Cycling Back To Happiness: Adventure on the North Sea Cycle Route by Bernie Friend. “Cycling Back to Happiness traces two journeys; one round the North Sea Cycle Route, some 6,000km of pedalling; and a second, much longer journey, back to health and happiness, when medication and therapy failed to help. The style is distinctly individual, as one suspects is the author. He is best at describing the places and people he saw, while touring cyclists will relate to his escapades with ease born of familiarity. At best he has that rare ability to encapsulate in words the flavour of the experience of travel, by bicycle, through many different places. It is refreshing to find that he found so many friendly, helpful folk along the way and that he chooses to emphasise the unexpected pleasure of chance meetings and events, rather than the annoyances and obstacles. The book improves as it progresses along its way. Initially there is, in my view, too much ranting and bitterness. This is probably inevitable given the origins of the personal journey being made and that this is a mix between travelogue and autobiography. If you find this either distressing or hard-work, it is well worth persevering. However, when the cycling takes over, it becomes much more enticing as the focus shifts to the writer’s relationship with the rest of the universe, possibly reflecting his improving mental state. It reinforces the unspoken secret of cycle touring: the restoration of mind and body at a slow pace along with the simplification of life and the rebuilding of faith in fellow humans, especially strangers met by chance. All aspects of life are covered fom going to the toilet and farm-style brothels in Denmark, to local history. This breadth is testimony to a great achievement in what is a great read. It certainly rivals the work of names that are far better known in this genre. If Bernie Friend sets off on his bike again, I sincerely hope he’ll let us know about it.”
CTC (“North Sea cycle route”)
CTC (“North Sea Cycle Route”)
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