Cadair Idris: A Great Escape

…and here’s part two. (You willย need to read the previous post if that makes no sense.)

On Friday, at the invitation of a former teaching colleague and friend, I drove across to the west of Wales to climb a mountain. The plan was to climb during darkness, camp at the top of Cadair Idris and then descend during Saturdayย morning. Despite very cold conditions in my tent overnight* – far colder than I experienced in Northern Norway last July en route to Nordkapp on the bike – we survived and here is the resulting GoPro video, edited on Apple iMovies and with a soundtrack provided by Elmer Bernstein. I must do this more often.

*Despite my many days spent in the tent while cycling across Europe, this was my first experiencing of wild camping. It was a baptism by fire…

Small but curious footnote; for about 5 minutes on the drive back from Cadair Idris, I was followed by Mark Beaumont in his car; he is currently on tour talking about his trip through Africa. I only realised it was him when I was able to read the side of his car when he turned left and I turned right…


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