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A couple of new links – and useful ones by the look of them.
I was contacted by a lady in South Africa a couple of weeks ago who goes by the name of “Amawalker”. She had seen this blog and has kindly put a message of the Yahoo Groups site that exists for the Via Francigena: . My membership is pending!
A related site – I presume, as it gets a mention at the bottom of the Yahoo Groups site is . Worth investigating more. I will report back on both of them.
On the subject of being contacted by people (which I have to say is one of the most fantastic feelings – there are people out there reading this drivel!), I was sent an email by Tricia Graham in New Zealand (I assume from the email address) who asked: “Interested to hear what route you take after Rome – we are planning London to Rome this summer and could well have time left over before our flight home and it would be great to continue on.”. Well Tricia, I’m about to email you back with the following information: I don’t know! sorry :(. In fact, I’d be delighted for you to email me back after you have tried going from Rome to Brindisi and let me know how you got on. I will tell her that the EuroVรฉlo route continues all the way to Brindisi so that may be an avenue (or should that be cycle path) worth investigating.
It’s great being in touch with the World. Have a look on the World map over there on the right – this site – – has had visitors from all continents apart from Antartica!
One last new link : – the European Cyclists’ Federation.

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