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Remember I asked George Jemmott (him of GPS fame) about the photo at the top of his new Eurovelo 5 website? Well here is the answer:

It just so happens that the only picture I have of my bicycle and trailer together is there in front of that American tank, which just so happens to be on EuroVelo5.  OK, 2 km away from EV5, but really close!  It’s at a battlefield monument from WW II, specifically of the ill-fated Maginot Line.  Here’s another photo with location:
Or the google-maps street-view location of it (so you’ll know it when you see it).
It was totally worth the trip.  Gun encasements with bullet holes and shrapnel still in them, tons of old stuff from the war.  Really pretty amazing to imagine the Second World War tearing through that peaceful little village of Marckolsheim or   It sounds like you’ll get even more out of it than I did, too, as you actually speak French!  🙂

Here is the photo that he refers me to. Nice tank. The picture in picture is from the Google Street View reference that George also provides and it shows the road passing outside of the museum… complete with a separate cycle path! Please take note if you are a road planner, architect, builder etc… in Britain!

Thanks George

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