Eurovelo 13

ev13The Iron Curtain Trail: The Barents Sea to The Black Sea
This, along with EuroVelo 15, is a recent addition to the network of routes. Like the EuroVelo 11, its path is across the east of the continent but takes a route that is predominantly through Russia, Belarus and Ukraine before it arriving at the Black Sea. Many thanks to Justin Sher for providing much of the information listed below.
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Official Sites
European Cyclists Federation
Iron Curtain Trail
Web Searches for ‘Eurovelo 13′ (tagged ‘Eurovelo 13′) 
Flickr (photos)
YouTube (videos)
Blogs / Unofficial – Iron Curtain Trail
Detailed Brochure by Michael Cramer: English / German
The excellent Esterbauer Verlag publisher has BikeLine books in both English and Germany.
Iron Curtain Trail 1
Part 1: Along the “Green Belt” from the Barents Sea to the German-Polish Border
English ISBN: 978-3-85000-277-6
German ISBN: 978-3-85000-267-7
Iron Curtain Trail 2
Part 2: Along the “Green Belt” from Usedom via the German-German Border Trail to the Czech Border
English ISBN: 978-3-85000-278-3
German ISBN: 978-3-85000-276-9
Iron Curtain Trail 3
Part 3: Along the Green Belt from the German-Czech Border to the Black Sea
English ISBN: 978-3-85000-278-3
German ISBN: 978-3-85000-274-5
Berlin Wall Trail
A route for cyclists, hikers and skaters along the path of the former Berlin Wall.
English ISBN: 978-3-85000-458-9
German ISBN: 978-3-85000-074-1
Bicycle Routes & Tours – Eurovelo 13 (Norway to Germany)
Bicycle Routes & Tours – Eurovelo 13 (Czech Republic to The Black Sea) – Eurovelo 13

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