October Catch-Up

Just arrived back home from my visit to the Cycle Show at Earls Court in London (see entries below). A little bit disappointed: it is cycling pornography – undeniably beautiful objects everywhere; brushed chrome this and carbon-fibre that… but little of practical use that will help me in my planning for next summer. I did like the bike in the picture below – a Bianchi Camaleonte 5 reference YOBE50I. A beautifully well-made bike and at “only” ยฃ875, not inaccessible….

Away from the Cycle Show, Mark Rowland has emailed me with the following information:
Just thought I would let you know that me and a mate of mine are
planning on doing London To Rome on Bikes in June next year. Not sure
which route we will be taking yet but EV5 is certainly an option. You
may have also seen a route that is on the CTC website EU28 which looks
quite interesting as well.
I will look into that.
And Massimo has been in contact again:
Here follows the route I recommend from Cassino to Savignano, passing through Benevento:
…very long URL which I have abbreviated by typing this….
Hope to work out a more detailed map for you in a short while. Friends in Rome from Naturamica association are going to give you support on the Rome – Cassino leg.
Massimo is such a kind person – I better not collapse in Rome!
I will get back to both Mark and Massimo asap to thank them. I do hope all these people keep in touch over the coming months….
The percentage of people thinking I am deluded is up to 8%!

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