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I joined last night. Mark Beaumont mentions the site in his book about cycling around the World and I have mentioned them on here before. They are a Couchsurfing service specifically aimed at cyclists. Apart from setting up a profile, I have started a forum thread about my journey; we’ll see if anyone responds. I need to go back and list the places en route so that they get picked up by searching the site. My Couchsurfing profile remains unseen by the masses (no one has visited apart from me!) and my Eurovelo 5 group remains with me as its only member! That said, one thing that this blog has taught me about “networking” usingย the Internet is that patience reallyย is a virtue. From a modest start back in 2008 when I was lucky if I would get one hit (probably by chance!) per day, I am now notching up well over 100 per day, often over 150. (It’s interesting to note that in the three months I have been on WordPress, I have recorded as many visits as I did during the preceeding six months on Blogger…).

CCI? Cyclo-Camping International, an interesting French website I found via the Warmshowers links page. I love the poster of their annual festival. Here it is. He has something of the Gerard Depardieu about him, no? And look at the amount of kit!

I’m determined to get the itinerary finished by the end of today so log on later to see what I have come up with…

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