Just received this interesting email. George has also commented on the earlier post about maps:
Hi there Andrew!
I just found your site about EuroVelo5, and I’m rather excited. Introductions first – I’m George Jemmott, a silly American who is similarly interested in EV5. I think we might be able to help each other out quite a bit.
The last time I tried to find EV5, I had a bit of trouble, largely due to lack of research (in fact, I didn’t even know about the EuroVelo system until after I had started my 2009 European cycling trip… but that’s another story). The trip went fine, but I don’t think I stayed on EV5 for all of it.
This time I’m starting the research a bit more (though not much) ahead of time. I just had the idea to cycle from Milano, Italy up to Calais in March and April. Other than to make it to Amsterdam by May 5, my primary goal would be to map and document that 1100-km section of EV5 better than it has been done so far, maybe make a report like this one. Clearly my documentation and mapping could help you on your trip (especially if you, too, plan to use a GPS along the way, as I’d log the trip and organize it by sections I’d found pleasant, what to expect, etc.).
I’ll be looking through the ECF website, and also through your site, mostly looking for maps and documents, though if you have any scans or photos of maps that you haven’t posted yet, I’d love a copy! I’ll likely navigate with a combination of satellite photos, maps, and GPS coordinates that I prepare between now and then.
Anyway, I also just started (a couple days ago) a site about this project of mine, but at least so far it looks pretty crappy and a lot of the important info is missing… it’ll be a work in progress until I leave, I imagine. Check out:
Perhaps I’ll catch you tomorrow at 8pm, UK time.
~George J.

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