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Just catching up with some people who have been in contact with me and who I have contacted over the past few months….

  • George Jemmott continues his journey to Calais and you can read his blog here. It will be interesting to see his GPS data when he finishes
  • Laura Birchenough, another WordPress blogger is heading in the other direction after having started her cycling trip in southern Italy she is now in Greece. For accommodation she is using a mixture of camping and Couch Surfing. I’ve mentioned Couch Surfing before (albeit quite a while ago). I’ve asked her how she is getting on with the CS and may well spend a few minutes reacquainting myself with the CS site. I am able to offer a “couch” in my flat now that the lodger has gone…
  • Australian Ian Hendry has postponed his trip to Europe for the time being due to personal circumstances but is still hopeful to do the Eurovelo 5 from London to Rome at some point in the future.
  • No news from Neil Shirley who contacted me a couple of days ago about cycling from Oxford to Milan but a chap called Vernon Osborne has commented on the post where I answered Neil’s questions. He writes: ” Have chanced upon your webpages and have read your correspondence with Neil from Oxford. I was so pleased to have done so as I too am planning a (charity) cycle from Siena to Valletta in June 2011. I intend following the (west) coast of Italy down to Reggioย di Calabria then ferry to Messina and hugging the coast to Syracuse before getting a ferry to Malta. I am desperately trying to get information on the best route to take from Siena to Reggio (like Neil, I am a novice). The information on routes in Italy seems to lessen the further south you get ! I will keep in touch with your progress but would be grateful if you have any advice / information for me. I am doing this trip with friends to raise money for child cancer โ€“ CLIC). Training in the UK has begun already !! ” I’ll make sure that I get back in touch with Vernon, hopefully with some more detailed information about the Italian Cycle Network Route 3 than I currently have! The map shows how there is quite a stretch of similarity between his route and mine. He does have 10 months to reflect upon my experiences as he isn’t cycling until June 2011. Watch this space Vern! ๐Ÿ™‚

And if you turn to page 146 we will sing Hymn number 23……

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  1. Hi Andrew

    Sorry for not coming back to you sooner, I have been away for easter with my family.

    I am still planning on going on my trip and plan to leave around the 30th April.

    My planning is in no way as detailed as yours and infact I only have 3 weeks to sort my bike out and also a rough route to take. I am fairly relaxed about it all really as I plan to just take each day as it comes. For me, that will be the adventure.

    However, I really appreciate your site and will visit it often between now and when I leave. The more your detail regaring the route the better for me (sorry!).

    Speak to you soon.

    Kind regards


    • Good luck with your planning and with the trip! If you have any questions, just ask, either through the blog, via email or even by phone
      : 07970278569 . Happy to be of assistance and would be interested in having a chat once you get back to hear about how it all went!

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