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The Best Reason To Return The Parthenon Marbles…

I note that the Parthenon (‘Elgin’) Marbles are in the news… Back in 2013 at the start of my cycle ‘Along The Med…’ I was given a guided tour of the Parthenon and New Acropolis Museum by a woman called Maria from the ‘Marbles Reunited’ association. For those […]


The Social Side Of EuroVelo

In the ten years that has existed in this little corner of the worldwide web, one major thing has changed online; social media has taken over, or so it sometimes seems. Not that I’m complaining. It’s a great way of keeping up-to-date with others around the globe […]

Cycling Day 4: Dos Hermanas To Sevilla

Click here to see the detailed statistics of today’s cycle I had to wait until nearly halfway through the Eurovelo 8 trip along the Mediterranean to intersect with my previous continental crossing – my take on the Eurovelo 5 – in Piacenza, Italy. I even posted a video […]