Australia calling

I forwarded Jean-Marie’s detailed maps to my two contacts in Australia and received the following replies:

I only have a brief minute to reply, but thank you ever so much for these maps!!!! Outstanding details!!! I’ll reply in more details shortly. As we are overdue some enthusiastic conversation on this thing! ๐Ÿ˜›
Hope you are keeping well.

Ian, if you remember, is doing more or less the same journey as me although probably a few weeks earlier.

Thanks Andrew,

There seems to be quite a bit of detail there. Your French is very good! I could skim through and get the gist of some of that but you’re much more capable than I am. I’m trying to get at least a grasp before I leave. Italian I think will be my sticking point, I really have no idea there…
it will make it interesting though!
Jon is doing the journey in what I consider reverse: Rome to London (although to him it will be perfectly normal!).
I hope Jean-Marie reads this – the credit is due to him, not to me – as he has saved all three of us a lot of hard graft at the computer trying to work out a route from Brussels to Italy. I did update my own Google Map a little with the details from Jean-Marie but that’s going to be a long job and, quite frankly, unnecessary now that the detail is elsewhere. I am, however, interested to see if the route does follow the EV 5.
On other matters, not much progress over the last week or so. I have been feeling off colour for a few days and although it wasn’t bad enough to prevent me from cycling to work, I did feel a bit down come the end of the week (perhaps it was the withdrawal symptoms from coming off the concoction of drugs that I have been taking: I was using the odds and ends from previous packs of medicines purchased from previous bouts of colds and sniffles!). No broken commuting records, no great leaps forward in fitness. In fact, I am not sure that my recently bought waterproof trainers are doing the business: I have developed a numbness in my left big toe and index toe (does that exist?) that I am currently putting down to the trainer not giving me enough support while cycling but more probably, jogging on a Sunday morning. I gave my Sunday morning jog today a miss.
Someone else thinks I am “deluded” on the vote. At least I still have 0% “insane” and “inspired” is still up there at 93%.
October – it starts on Thursday – needs to be a month of action!

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