Pennine Cycle

In summer 2009, to see if long-distance cycling was for me, I took my Trek bike on the train to Berwick-upon-Tweed and cycled all the way to Derby along the Pennine Cycleway. Staying mainly in youth hostels as well as spending a few days in West Yorkshire with my family, I loved every second! It was the perfect launchpad for the bigger Eurovelo 5 adventure that was to follow twelve months later…

As I cycled, I blogged:

Saturday 1st August: Reading to Berwick by Train
Cyling Day 1, Saturday 1st August 2009: Berwick-upon-Tweed to Wooler
Cycling Day 2, Sunday 2nd August 2009: Wooler to Bellingham
Cycling Day 3, Monday 3rd August 2009: Bellingham to Alston
Cycling Day 4, Tuesday 4th August 2009: Alston to Dufton
Cycling Day 5, Wednesday 5th August 2009: Dufton to Ingleton
Cycling Day 6, Thursday 6th August 2009: Ingleton to Malham
Cycling Day 7, Friday 7th August 2009: Malham to Elland
Rest Days, Saturday 8th – Monday 10th August 2009: Elland
Cycling Day 8, Tuesday 11th August 2009: Elland to Ilam
Cycling Day 9, Wednesday 12th August 2009: Ilam to Reading to Derby

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