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A name from the earlier days of this blog has just emailed; Jonathan Scott is an Australian who is planning to cycle from Rome to London and he is one of the people to be listed down there on the left as a Eurovelo 5 / Via Francigena blogger. He writes;

Hi Andrew

How is the preparation going for your trip?ย  I am in Rome at the moment, about to embark on my ride this Tuesday. I cant wait to get on the road but have a fair bit of stuff I need to do first. I was wonder if, once I get to England, you would be keen to go for a beer or something? I’m sure we’d have a lot to talk about and who knows, I might be able to give you some advice (or ‘what not to do’s’). Once I hit England I’m likely to head straight up to Scotland before heading back south before my departure on 1 July.ย  The best time for me would therefore be around 28-30 June.ย  Not much of a window but what can you do! If you are free and keen let me know. I will be on email fairly regularly. I am also blogging it at ecrubike.ย  Your blog seems very popular! I find it very hard to find the time to keep mine going.



Jon’s route is slightly different from mine (apart from being in the opposite direction!)ย as he winds his way through central France along the Loire Valley (even passing through my old place of residence which is Tours!) after having climbed the Alps and cycled through Switzerland although up until then our routes look pretty similar. Of course I will meet him and glean every bit of information I can from him! Good luck Jon! The picture shows hin in Seoul btw which is where he was until arriving in Rome.

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