EuroVelo Route Number 5 on the web

If you type in “EuroVelo Route Number 5” into Google, you get 5,420 answers (put the accent on vรฉlo – I am a French teacher after all – and, strangely, you get 5,570). Whichever way you do it, entries number two and three are me! The blog is number two and my Google map is number three. Number one place goes to Wikipedia and I’ve just been reading the entry for EuroVelo. I didn’t know this, for example:
“For a route to be part of EuroVelo it must:
have no gradient above 6%
be wide enough for two cyclists
have an average of no more than 1,000 motorised vehicles a day
be sealed for 80% of its length
be open 365 days a year, have provision points every 30 km (19 mi), accommodation every 50 km (31 mi), and public transport every 150 km (93 mi).”
That’s quite reassuring considering the climb over the Alps although that simply means lots of winding mountain passes. I’m just going to try to edit the route 5 info on Wikipedia to make a reference to map Google map and perhaps the blog…. not sure how to do that or if I am allowed to do that.

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