Jane Tomlinson’s Marathon Bike Ride

I just came across these webpages which have been archived on the BBC website. They are about Jane Tomlinson and how she cycled from Rome to Leeds in May 2004. Here is an extract about Jane Tomlinson from Wikipedia;

Jane Emily Goward was born in Wakefield in Yorkshire in 1964, the sixth of ten children of a dentist. When she was aged 11, the family emigrated to Australia but returned after three years. In 1990, Tomlinson applied to study Mathematics at the University of Leeds. However, when she found a lump in her breast and had a lumpectomy, she enrolled instead at Leeds General Infirmary and trained as a radiographer. By this time, she had married Mike Tomlinson and had two daughters, Suzanne and Rebecca. They later had a son, Steven. Qualifying in 1993, Tomlinson later studied to postgraduate level and became a paediatric radiographer. Three years after having a lumpectomy the cancer returned and she had a second mastectomy, and two rounds of chemotherapy and radiotherapy. In 2000, Jane Tomlinson was told that the cancer had spread to her bones and lungs, and was given about 12 months to live.

She sadly died in 2007 but her work continues….

She took the more direct route and avoided the Alps (although not the notorious Mont Ventoux, part of the Massif Central), but the sections in northern France and then between Lucca and Rome are relevant to the Eurovelo 5 route as is the bit between London and Folkestone. It also makes me wonder about the charity aspect of things again…

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  1. September 17 2008 I get to hospital just for ray picture of my breastback after a bad fall 6 month earlier.
    After 10 minutes a doctor said “you have metastases in all your skeleton, except your arms and legs. Tomorrow morning you go to Akademiska sjukhuset i Uppsala for searching the headtumor.
    After he left me alone all the night in the room.

    After 1 month they found a 0.9 mm tumor in my right breast.

    Two month later when I get cytostatica, taxotere, someone give me Jane Tomlinssons book MÅLGÅNG swedish title.

    I red all night. I couldn´t stop reading.

    In one way it wa a story of me. In another it wasn´t me, because this woman was so very strong.
    I was in the beginning of my life with cancer, she had lived with hers for years.

    She had the same diagnos as me, she had got the same treatment as I get now.. I could feel her feelings for so much around her deadly seekness.

    I get 3 month to 1 year living in october 2008.

    Now Ihsve stoped all conventional treatment except Femar. In februrar 2010 I hed to stop with Herceptin after 21 treatments. My heart get secondary effects. Every konventional treatment get secondary effect.

    I feel now pretty good. Jane had much more illness than what I have. Itake just 3 simply pills aday.

    Today I red this book for a second time.After one and a halv year with my cancer I can understand more of her decissions.

    Now I wish to go to Denmark, to get hyperthermi. Itis forbidden in Sweden. May be it could have helped Jane.

    Thank you very much for your hardwork to find money for researchwork for cancer.

    Love to your family!
    Maria Elyér

    This book have given me so much. Tha

  2. An even more direct route!!! But the Alps is such an inviting challenge. I need to get onto route planning don’t I!!

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