Eurovelo 4

(Summary information and map credit: European Cyclists’ Federation)

“Europe is the worldโ€™s second most densely populated continent and cycling across it from west to east (or visa versa) will give you a fascinating insight into the people that make up this diverse continent. The route passes through cities that should be on everyoneโ€™s bucket list: Cologne, Prague, Krakรณw and Lviv. Waiting for you are atmospheric old towns, outstanding architecture and history lessons a plenty. But you can still get away from the crowds on this route too, by cycling Franceโ€™s rugged northern coastline; visiting the forests, castles and vineyards of Franconia in Germany; or taking in the typically Dutch landscapes of towering dykes and open polders in Zeeland. EuroVelo 4 is so diverse that you wonโ€˜t know where to begin.”

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  1. Thanks a million for this post.
    Not much info out there on EuroVelo 4 and this is very helpful.
    Good man yourself!

    BTW I’m planning to cycle from Roscoff to Amsterdam this summer, so if I have any info that could be useful on the first bit of the route thereafter, I’ll send it on. Thanks again.

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