Hey from Canada (but wanting to go to Italia)

If you have read the previous post, I was wondering who Michael was (he had left a brief message in the chat box). Now I know; he has sent an email. He writes in blue, I answer in red:
Hello Andrew,
Hello Michael – thanks for the email
I am new to your blog so I hope this question is not a repeat. Probably, but I don’t mind that at all! Have you seen the Eurovelo maps for EV5? That is, I’m afraid the most asked question that I get. The reason I get asked so often is that everyone else has done like me and tried to find one and ended up here. There is an overview map of the whole Eurovelo network and you can see the extract which shows the EV5 by clicking here. I am gradually piecing together more details from various sources as a detailed map of the whole EV5 doesn’t seem to exist. I have alot of detail for northern Europe but less for Italy. I’m gradually plotting the route on this Google Maps page. However, there is a glimmer of hope! I have found this map (also reproduced on the right) of the Italian Cycle Network. I am hoping that I can also find some detailed descriptions of the routes themselves. Route number 3 is the Via dei Pellegrini and, as the name suggests, it follows the route of the Via Francigena which is also the inspiration for the EV5. That said, a trip from north to south could also use route number 1, the Ciclopista del Sole. This route is more coastal but it is also probably better mapped and perhaps even signposted. It would, however, require a sharp left turn in Naples to head you in the direction of Brindisi.   I assume it covers the Pisa-Roma-Brindisi route see comments above / map (I am scheming a trip this year, my wife does not know yet). Is there good information regarding the grades and type of roads? This will hopefully be in the detailed descriptions themselves although I would imagine that the coastal route 1 will be constant ups and downs, the interior route 3 more undulating. Detailed routes may also be written in Italian, but I suspect that you speak Italian because of your connections in the country and also your webpage name: respirare. I am the opposite of a healthy athlete who has a good head of hair. Is there a photo you could post showing an example of the detail? See picture of the left (click it for more detail).
I have been pouring over the Internet for the past month and I am having difficulty finding good information to develop a route from Pisa to Brindisi. I have side trips off the route to visit relatives but that is another issue. The south east and Rome to Naples have been cycle journalled quite a bit to give me a good idea about those areas but the interior is a mystery to me. (Like water and food sources, is it permissible/safe to guerrilla camp, camp grounds, spiders and snakes? Not afraid of bears and wolfs.) Err… Southern Italy is still western Europe although I couldn’t give you a definitive answer on those points. Probably not than many bears though ๐Ÿ™‚ My plan is to stay in campsites – most towns will have one, quite often a council-run communal site is the best; cheap, cheerful and often very close to the centre.
Thanks and cool blog. Thanks; it is becoming, dare I say, the main source of information about the EV5. Perhaps I should start charging!! When do you go? Aim to set off on Sunday 18th July. I’m a teacher so that is fairly fixed (although does require me to persuade my boss, the headteacher, to give me a couple of days unpaid leave at the end of the school year – the kids don’t finish until the Wednesday of the following week).
Michael from Canada
Good luck with your own planning and keep in touch. I’ll be online to chat tonight at 8pm UK time.
You can find out about Michaels travels at:

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