2022: Le Grand Tour

The Netherlands, Belgium, France, Switzerland and Germany:

On July 3rd 2022 I arrived at the Hook of Holland in The Netherlands, turned around and pedalled off in the direction of France. It was an anti-clockwise tour of France; the EuroVelo 12 along the Belgian coast, the EuroVelo 4 to Dieppe, L’Avenue Verte to Paris, La Véloscénie to Mont St Michel before rejoining the EuroVelo 4 to Roscoff, the EuroVelo 1 / Vélodyssée to Royan, the Canal de la Garonne to Toulouse, the Canal du Midi to Sète, the EuroVelo 17 beside the Rhône to Andermatt in Switzerland and finally the EuroVelo 15 / Rhine Cycle Route all the way back to Rotterdam and the return ferry to Hull… I arrived back at the Hook of Holland on September 3rd 2022.

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Here’s an animated map of my planned route…

…and here is a bit of background information regarding my decision for choosing to set off to France, Switzerland, Germany and The Netherlands rather than cycle around the Baltic Sea as I had planned for the summer of 2022.


Rotterdam to Calais: EuroVelo 12 / North Sea Cycle Route (Netherlands / Belgium / France)

This stage: 260 km / Cumulative: 260 km

Official website: EuroVelo.com/ev12

Ken Wynn @HighFielder80: “How are you getting from Hook to Belgium? Amazing road through Brielle, one of my favourite Dutch towns, and down the coastal defense dijks, the Oosterscheldekering, an astounding feat of engineering, to Middelburg and canal to Vlissingen for Breskens ferry. Ev12 seems to ferry from Hoek to the Maasvlakte europoort extension, instead of Maassluis ferry to Rozenburg for Brielle, then later it sticks to the coast for vlissingen instead of via Middelburg. Would be a shame to miss Middelburg its such a beautiful city.


Calais to Dieppe: EuroVelo 4 / La VeloMaritime (France)

This stage: 180 km / Cumulative: 440 km

Official website: LaVeloMaritime.com


Dieppe to Paris: L’Avenue Verte (France)

This stage: 240 km / Cumulative: 680 km

Official website: AvenueVerteLondonParis.com


Paris to Mont Saint Michel: La Véloscénie (France)

This stage: 450 km / Cumulative: 1130 km

Official website: Veloscenic.com


Mont Saint Michel to Roscoff: EuroVelo 4 / La Vélomaritime (France)

This stage: 430 km / Cumulative: 1560 km

Official website: LaVeloMaritime.com


Roscoff to Royan: EuroVelo 1 / La Vélodyssée (France)

This stage: 870 km / Cumulative: 2430 km

Official website: Cycling-LaVelodyssee.com

Malcolm Glover (via Facebook): “If you’re coming anyway near Carhaix in Brittany you’re more than welcome to stay with us. We are just a few hundred metres away from Velo 1.”


Royan to Sète: Le Canal des 2 Mers à Vélo / Les Canals de la Garonne Et du Midi (France)

This stage: 680 km / Cumulative: 3110 km

Official website: CanalDes2MersAVelo.com


Sète to Andermatt: EuroVelo 17 / Rhone Cycle Route (France / Switzerland)

This stage: 1250 km / Cumulative: 4360 km

Official website: ViaRhona.com


Andermatt to Rotterdam: EuroVelo 15 / Rhine Cycle Route (Switzerland / France / Germany / The Netherlands)

This stage: 1500 km / Cumulative: 5860 km

Official website: EuroVelo.com/ev15

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