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The Great British Cycle Tour 2020 Returns (Hopefully…)

Two capitals remain; Cardiff and London and I am beginning to piece together a plan for an 10-stage cycle which would see me return to Liverpool (the point at which I paused in early August) on the train, cycle across the north of Wales to Holyhead on Anglesey where I would pick up the Lon Las Cymru cycle route to Cardiff and then head west along the Kennet and Avon Canal and the Thames (national cycle route 4) to my final destination, London.

Cycling Britain: The 1,200 Mile Picnic

If you have listened the the most recent episode of The Cycling Europe Podcast – episode 023 – you will have heard me chatting with the cycling writer Rob Ainsley. We met up a couple of weeks ago in North Yorkshire and after a day spent cycling from Bolton Abbey to Hawes (as part of my 2020 ‘Great British Cycle Tour’) sat in a pub in Hawes to chew over the interviews that I had conducted with the Guiness World Record breaker David Haywood’s cycle to the most countries in 7 days and James Brigg’s journey from ‘Ibiza to the Norfolk Broads’ because, well, he’s a fan of David Bowie and why not?!

Virtual Cycling Kit Boot Sale: UPDATE

I’m not looking for any payment for these items but they do need to go to a good home rather than in the bin… Any takers? Most come complete with fittings, straps, keys etc… I will post the small items if you are willing to cover the cost of postage. The larger items will need collecting.

Changing Disc Brake Pads… In 10 Tweets

A bit of a saga. Has taken most of the afternoon but I seem to have changed the pads, sorted the problems and retensioned the carbon belt. I sometimes wish I was far more mechanically minded. Perhaps I should learn to be… The responses can be read by visiting clicking on the tweets of course…

The Cycling Europe Podcast: Episode 023 – Cycle Tours With A Twist

Have you ever struggled to come up with an interesting, different, perhaps even unique idea for a long cycle ride? The Cycling Europe Podcast is coming to your rescue! In this feature-length episode of the podcast recorded on location in the Yorkshire Dales and the English Lake District, Andrew P. Sykes chats with fellow cycling writer and master of the innovative cycle ride Rob Ainsley, Guinness World Record breaker David Haywood and David Bowie fan James Briggs who all reflect upon their inspirational cycle tours with a twist. If this episode of the podcast doesn’t get you thinking about your own next ride, nothing will!