The Queensbury (Cycling?) Tunnel has just received a bit of a makeover… and what better way to mark the event than an initiative that seeks to reinvent a disused railway tunnel into something that could benefit generations of future cyclists: The Queensbury Tunnel. This website has seen how disused railway infrastructure […]

Cirencester: The Cotswolds, Calmed

One of those ‘nothing-to-do-with-cycling’ posts, although I have tried to include a few bicycles in the photographs taken today and shown below. Between speaking at the CTC ‘birthday’ rides on Thursday, a day of cycling in the Cotswold yesterday (see previous post) and staying to hear fellow touring […]

Dordogne: The Velocast Podcast

A few weeks ago, as the Tour de France made its way across the French countryside, I had the opportunity of visiting the Dordogne region of France courtesy of the organisers of the Tour de Yorkshire, Welcome to Yorkshire. If this is news to you (or you have […]

Spain To Norway: The Verdict

Don’t believe any author, actor, painter, candlestick-maker… who says they don’t read their reviews. Of course they do. They then just deny it so as to sound self-deprecating. However, perhaps because of the long road along which I have pedalled both literally as well as metaphorically to becoming […]