Yorkshire 2018: Mea Culpa…

Yorkshire 2018 never happened. It was my great plan to cycle all of the National Cycle Network routes in Yorkshire during the calendar year 2018. If you are seen as an optimist even by those at the positive end of the thinking spectrum, you might point out that […]

My Secret Space

Autumn trees, fields and colours in my ‘secret space’. Well, it feels that way as I have never met anyone whilst walking or occasionally cycling along its path… The best thing of all? It’s only two minutes from my front door (if I walk quickly).

The Freedom Of Movement Tour

Following on from the previous two posts (“I Have Made No False Promises On Brexit – I’m Free To Tell You The Truth” and “Stick To Cycling Content”) which focus upon the ludicrous car crash that is Brexit, I’ve been pointed in the direction of the Freedom of […]

“Stick To Cycling Content”

Two days ago I posted the text of a speech given by former Prime Minister John Major. He was speaking about the folly that BREXIT. It is sad, and a little ironic, that we live in a world where many current politicians are so terrified of offending the […]

Walking To Work / Autumn Sunlight

The sunlight yesterday was beautiful. It was the early morning / evening sunlight of summer for a full twelve hours and I took advantage by walking some of the way to work in Halifax. It also afforded me the opportunity of working in RAW for the first time. […]

The Tour De Yorkshire: Hors Catégorie!

The host towns and cities for the 2019 edition of the Tour de Yorkshire were announced yesterday… …and two things should stand out. Firstly, that ‘Hors Catégorie‘ classification (or, as Sir Gary managed to mangle it into, ‘whore’s category’ which is surely a ranking system used for a […]

National Poetry Day: The 10.19

The 10.19 from Bradford to Leeds It’s a train, not a bike But for the sake to National Poetry Day Let’s imagine That I’m cycling Speeding down the superhighway (That they have built) Except, I’m told It’s a bit of an obstacle course for cyclists Perhaps the train […]