Back to the Via Francigena / Eurovelo 5 / Puglia 2010!!!

It’s nice for someone to email again about the cycling next summer – it’s been a while since anyone has done so.
Chris Hammersley writes:
Just out of interest, how have you come up with this route? Have you avoided going down the east coast of Italy for a reason?
I am starting to think about the possibility of planning a cycle from UK to Brindisi, to get the ferrry over to Kefalonia for my sister’s wedding on Sept 15th!
How long are you planning on taking?
The route: simple – just following the route of the Eurovelo 5 prescribed route, although I am open to persuasion if there is a better route. Chris suggests the Adriatic coast of Italy, which is tempting. Having taken the train from Puglia to Milan in 2007 which hugged the east coast of Italy it would probably be a lot flatter, and shorter as it is simply more direct. However it wouldn’t go through Rome and I have a feeling that the route along the west coast of Italy would be more spectacular, probably because of all those hills!
As for how long, that’s a bit trickier. I want to be able to do it in five weeks (see detailed calculations below)….otherwise I’d never get back to work on the 1st September!

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