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“Ian invited you to join the Facebook group “Bugger off Facebook, it’s warm outside…!!”.” That was the email from Facebook. I joined but did point out on the group that I was not in Australia and that my days are getting colder. Although not today! Bright sunshine and a blue sky!
A catch up on things Puglia 2010:
This came back from Christian Ensslin at Sustrans
many thanks for your enquiry. The EuroVelo routes are still very much under development as a continuously signed and marketed route. On the ground however many of the routes already exist. In the UK, you would need to follow National Cycle Network route 4 to London / Greenwich, and then EV5 follows the route of National Cycle Network route 1 from Greenwich to Dover. Both these routes are fully signed.
To get contacts for the other countries, it would probably easiest to speak to the European Cyclist Federation, see for their contact details. They should be able to give you either a full itinerary or at least contact details for cycling organisations that know the route in the other countries.
I hope this helps and good luck with your tour.

Thanks Christian but I actually knew all that already. Interesting, however, that he thinks that the ECF should be able to furnish full route details. No response from them yet although I did notice some Brussels activity on the Live Traffic Feed. Perhaps they are going to suggest that I visit this site to get some detailed information. That would be an accolade of recognition!
Massimo Mazzone has left a comment on my entry below where I mention contacting the ECF and others. He says:
I’m looking forward to reading what ECF is going to answer you. Anyway, at the moment there is 1 only general map about the whole routes. Nothing detailed but somehow helpful. It’s published by Galli Verlag and I think you can order it on-line.On the back of the map, about eurovelo 5, you can find short route description. You get that the main connected cities are: London – Canterbury – Dover; Calais – Sain Omer – Lille – Ronse – Brussels – NamurLuxenbourgSchengen – Strasbourg – Colmar – Basel – AarauLucerne – St.Gotthard Pass – Chiasso – Como – Roma – Brindisi.For the Rome – Brindisi leg I will provide you all the details in short time. I hope that other associations will do the same for their areas.cheers, Mas
Again, thanks Massimo: I already have the map. It is interesting to note that I have managed to sort out the bit from Reading to London and from Rome to Brindisi (courtesy of Massimo) but the bit that would be the “Via Fancigena” bit (albeit via very different towns and cities) is the most elusive!
Finally, a comment from Alastair Humphreys following my entry on here about first hearing from him on my travels this summer:
Glad you didn’t get run over in my home village of Airton!!How’s the planning for the rest of the world coming along?Al
The rest of the World will have to wait until I get London to Rome sorted…. Would like to respond to his comment but not sure how to do that. If I make a comment myself, does it find its way to him?

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