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Michael in Canada writes:
Hello again. I have scowered the internet and came across the same info you were kind to show me in your blog. I am working on four main logistical tasks at the moment. Time and money, trying to get fitter, flight coordination and developing a route.
I have read three negative accounts about the coast route from Rome to Naples. I am not saying it is a bad route but the bike tourers recounted of some areas were crime is of concern, garbage issues, prostitute camps and I believe the Italian version of Neds. These riders never mentioned any problems or felt threatened.
I suspect (and could be very wrong) that the EV5 is at higher elevations that follows valleys. This should make for cooler temps. I have been in the southen interior in October and still had hot daytime temps but nothing like July/August.
If an EV5 map never materializes, then I am prepared to arbitrarily choose secondary roads and then plot the routes in the web sites that create elevation profiles. This could be a lot of work.
Lots of tourers use the “Touring Club Italiano” road maps. That is the only resource I have heard of so far.
Trek-520 2007: I do not have experience with other “touring” bikes but I can tell you I am 97% happy with the bike. I have Marathon Plus tires that some people say are “slow” but I am ignorant and happy. These tires have been known to last up to 20,000 km with very few flats. I decided on the bike from reading the countless opinions on the internet, never looked back. Three years later it seems to fashionable to ride a Surly LHT. Regardless, everyone agrees get on any bike and ride off.
The other thought I have is: Pisa-Roma-head east to Pescara then south. Pescara to Brindisi or even Lecce is coastal and not much climbing. Tons of tourists in July/August on the coast.
The other thought is ….. I could go on. The interior of southern Italy has lots of cool things to see too. I get the feeling most non-cycling folks when they think of Italy, they see Tuscany, Rome and Venice.
Yeah, a couple of months there is not enough.

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