The Confraternity: Quick Report

Interesting afternoon. There were a variety of people to listen to. None had actually cycled to Rome although cycling was referenced quite a lot, as was camping which of course is relevant. My main thoughts however are about why I am following the Euroveloย 5 from Calais to Switzerland rather than the Via Francigena itself. Is Brussels such an attraction? Is the Rhine Valley worth the detour? One of the beauties of the full pilgrimage route is that it is so direct – I suppose it had to be as the original pilgrims were not tourists, they were off to see the bosses in Rome and had to get there asap! I am now in serious rethink mode. It would also mean a few fewer days in the saddle. But how tied to the Eurovelo 5 cause am I? I was glad there was another younger person there; Patrick Smyth was his name and he is planning on walking before he goes off to university in the autumn. Lots of discussion at the end of the event about underwear. I thanked one of the speakers – Joe – at the end and told him I would come back next year to tell them all about my adventure…. Now, where is my niece? I am beginning to freeze here in Leicester Square waiting for her!

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