Eurovelo 7

(Summary information and map credit: European Cyclists’ Federation)

“The Sun Route will whisk you from the land of the midnight sun to island hopping in the Mediterranean. Culture, sunlight, mountains and a good dose of history make for an unforgettable adventure. There is so much to do: visiting nine European countries (including stops in the cycling havens of Malmo, Copenhagen, Berlin and Bolzano); tackling the Alps, reaching the tip of the โ€˜Italian bootโ€™; and experiencing the sunny archipelago of Malta to mention just a few highlights. Well what are you waiting for?!”

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  1. Eurovelo 7 from Linz to Prague :

    Beautiful et very pleasant route from Linz to Prague. Hilly but doable and mostly on roads free of or with very little traffic. You’ll often be in forests, and, when not, you’ll be cycling through fields, pretty villages or bike paths along the Vltava.

    For the last 40km before Prague, we cycled on the main road on the West bank of the Vltava – it was a nice change to be able to cycle fast on smooth and completely flat road so the traffic wasn’t much of a hassle.

    Signs are quite easy to follow in Austria. In Czech Republic, follow the national bike route nb 7 (yellow signs, very well signposted). Maybe about 80km before Prag, the nb 7 signs disappeared. We then followed route nb 301 (I believe), which doesnโ€™t always follow the eurovelo. We highly recommend using the app to plan your journeys and check your way: all bike routes are shown on it with their number, and there is an option to make your journey follow eurovelo 7. (Google maps doesn’t have a bicycle option in Czech republic!).

    As for wild camping in Austria and Czech Republic, itโ€™s like in many Central/Western European countries (Switzerland e.g.) : people put their tent in places that are hidden from view. If youโ€™re caught, you can be fined, but it very rarely happens.

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