Eurovelo 7

ev7The Middle Europe Route: North Cape to Malta
The Middle Europe route is dominated by the two long countries at either end: Sweden and Italy. Between the two, the route passes through eastern Germany, the Czech Republic and Austria.
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European Cyclists Federation
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Bicycle Routes & Tours – Eurovelo 7 (Norway to northern Italy)
Bicycle Routes & Tours – Eurovelo 7 (Northern Italy to southern Italy) – Eurovelo 7
Official Sites
ECF – “Eurovelo 7: The Sun Route”
Ecotopia Bike Tour
Old Bones on Bikes
Richard Rides Europe
Sandwiches to Sicily
Kök & Tvätt – Through
Scandinavia on a Tandem
 “There were two doors in the service block on the campsite at Kukkola. On the
left door was written the word ‘Kök’, and on the right it said ‘Tvätt’. This meant ‘Kitchen”’and ‘Laundry’, and not, as we had concluded, ‘Gents’ and ‘Ladies.’ Neil and Kathryn arrive in Norway with a tandem bicycle, a pair of
sub-standard sleeping bags and a vague plan to ride to Malta. Hitch a lift in the saddlebag as they grind out a trail across Scandinavia, meeting reindeer herders on quad bikes, senile caravanners and a long-distance skateboarder. Experience Sweden’s rich variety from the desolate, forest and bog-covered north to the desolate, forest and bog-covered south. Worship at the altars of cinnamon buns, cloudberry jam and tins of rotting fish. Wonder at oversized knitwear, and join in the never-ending search for roadside fruit and the meaning of ‘loppis’.”
You Tube – “Eurovelo 7”
Google Maps
MapMyRide – Austria section
Bicycle Routes & Tours
Eurovelo 7 Eurovelo7 EuroVelo 7 Eurovélo 7 EuroVélo EuroVélo7 EV7 Seven

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