Eurovelo 5

ev5The Via Romea Francigena: London to Brindisi
This one is the one I know all about! See the Eurovelo 5 pages of this website for more details about how I planned it, how I cycled it and then how I wrote a book about it! Crossing Europe on a Bike Called Reggie is widely available (see the homepage of for links) . Read extracts from the book by following this link.
I am of course not the only person to have cycled from London to Italy although most people however do stop at Rome; I continued south all the way to Brindisi.
Eurovelo 5 follows the ancient pilgrimage route from Canterbury to Rome, albeit slightly further east than the route walkers would take through France. The cycling route continues after the Italian capital all the way to the Adriatic coast at Brindisi.
Is there a missing link? Please let me know!
Official Sites
European Cyclists Federation
Web Searches for ‘Eurovelo 5′ (tagged ‘Eurovelo 5′) 
Flickr (photos)
YouTube (videos)
Blogs / Unofficial
Bicycle Routes & Tours – Eurovelo 5 (London to Milan)
Bicycle Routes & Tours – Eurovelo 5 (Milan to Rome) – Eurovelo 5
Official Sites
Blogs – My own website dedicated to the Eurovelo 5.
Chris’ Travels – Chris went all the way to Cephalonia in Greece after hopping on the ferry at Brindisi.
Calvers on the Continent – Calais to Chiasso on the Swiss-Italian border.
Orkney to Rome
Roll Global
An Ecru Bike & I
Mary Ann & Sally
Pilgrim Route Finders
Via Francigena by Bike – an older site dating back to 2006
The Grand Tour on a Grand
Love Thy Bike – London to the Kent coast
Home to Rome – Leeds to Rome
Crossing Europe on a Bike Called Reggie “The academic year must have been a difficult one as when the summer holidays arrived, secondary school teacher Andrew Sykes was happy to do as little as possible. But while sitting on his sofa watching the exploits of the cyclists at the Great Wall of China at the Beijing Olympics, he realised the error of his ways and resolved to put a bit more adventure into his life. Two years later, accompanied by his faithful companion Reggie (his bike) but only a rudimentary plan, Andrew set off for a trans-continental cycling adventure that would take him along the route of the Via Francigena and the Eurovelo 5 all the way from his home in southern England to Brindisi in the south of Italy. There were highs and lows, rain and shine, joy and despair and they are all recounted here in a light-hearted, brisk style.”
Cicerone Guide to the Rhine Cycle Route (follows the same route as the Eurovelo 5 from Strasbourg to Basel)
CTC (“Information”)
CTC (“Details”)
CTC (“Route 5”)
CTC (“Dublin to Switzerland”)
CTC (“Cycling to Italy”)
Cycle Chat
Warm Showers
You Tube – The last minute of Eurovelo 5
Flickr – apsykes
Google Maps
Spot Adventures – Reading to Strasbourg
Canterbury to Luxembourg –
Luxembourg to Strasbourg –
Strasbourg to Bellinzona –
Bellinzona to Pisa –
Bicycle Routes & Tours – London to Milan
Eurovelo 5 Eurovelo5 EuroVelo 5 Eurovélo 5 EuroVélo EuroVélo5 EV5 Five

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