The Baltic Sea Cycle Route: Sweden

Sweden ๐Ÿ‡ธ๐Ÿ‡ช

Route classification: Developed / Under development

Crossing the ร˜resund Strait via the bridge (on a train), I will pick up the EuroVelo 10 in Malmo and continue around the Swedish coast as far as the capital, Stockholm. Here I have a choice. Time will prevent me from continuing to cycle along the Swedish coast all the way around the Gulf of Bothnia (the cycle to Turku in Finland would be one of around 2,000km). Instead, I could take the ferry from Stockholm to the ร…land Islands and continue to cycle and take ferries as far as Turku in Finland. Alternatively, I could take a train – probably overnight – to the northern part of the Gulf of Bothnia, cycle the 250km across the border from Luleรฅ in Sweden to Oulu in Finland where I could take a second (overnight) train to Turku.

“This cycle route takes you from the idyllic town of Ystad on the south coast of Sweden right up to the Finnish border: a distance of approx. 2,500 km. This long stretch from south to north naturally offers a rich variety of sceneries and spots of cultural interest. In the south you will enjoy long sandy beaches and the unique Baltic archipelago with its thousands of islands. Green pasture land, shimmering lakes, silent forests and rapid rivers will welcome you in the exotic North. Villages and towns, including the lively capital, Stockholm (โ€the Venice of the Northโ€), will now and then offer a change from the peaceful country roads.”

ECF EuroVelo

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