Eurovelo 5 Catch Up

I’ve discussed much on here recently; Mark Beaumont, butterfly handlebars, commuting, Twitter, Geoff Boycott(!)… but not much of Eurovelo 5 and my plans to cycle from Reading to Brindisi kicking off on Sunday 18th July, a little over two-months away. So here is a summary of progress

  • I’m thinking of changing the route slightly (not the official one; I don’t have the authority to do that of course although as this site seems to be the nearest thing that the World has to anything remotely authoritative about the route of the Eurovelo 5, perhaps it will, in legalese, be a persuasive argument for any future amendment?). So what is the change? Miss out Brussels. Sorry Brussels. And actually (brace yourself) most of Belgium. I’ve been there before and the centre of the capital city is nice but the bit just outside the centre is a horrible urban sprawl. What’s more, the map would imply that a route that straddles the French border all the way past Belgium and Luxembourg and then heads through France to Strasbourg would make sense. I want to go to Strasbourg as I have never been before and it will be a chance to meet up with my friend Claus who lives in nearby Stuttgart and I like the idea of following the Rhine south of Strasbourg. Any thoughts on this?
  • Training is going OK but nothing more than OK; I am far from the lean, clean, cycling machine that I think I once dreamt of being but I am in good fettle if not fine fettle! I haven’t been going to the gym despite having joined the University one over Easter and becoming a regular for about three weeks. I do, however, underestimate that I do cycle every day for an hour and do a pretty mean run at weekends.
  • I still haven’t do the minutiae of planning that I want and need to do; I do at the very least want to know the accommodation options along the route if not necessarily the detailed route itself.
  • And the butterfly bars are yet to arrive ๐Ÿ™ . Once they are, they will be fitted and I will start to use Reggie Ridgeback. At the moment, he remains, un-used in my spare room, still gleaming….

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  1. Hey Andrew, sorry I’ve sort of dropped off the map recently. One thing – best reason I can think of to go to Brussels is that the ECF office is there. Then again, talking to them didn’t enlighten anything about the route other than just how little they know about the route.

    Also, as you read and re-posted earlier, there is no bike path through France between Luxembourg and Strasbourg.

  2. Training – I’ve upped the effort this week and feel good for it. 155 miles including a quick 43 with the local tri club this morning. Been a busy week as well with couple of trips accross the channel. Problem is I don’t seem to be shedding any weight. Maybe getting slimmer but putting more muscle on so staying the same weight????

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