Eurovelo 8 (2013)

Welcome to the Eurovelo 8 section of In summer 2013 I cycled from Greece to Portugal along the route of the Eurovelo 8, more or less…Map - Final - Small

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  1. Hi, Iยดm from Brazil. And next year I plannig a cycle trip with friends using Eurovelo 8 to go from Barcelona to Rome. I would like to know things like is eurovelo 8 read to use? with is the wind blow? there is mountains on the way???

    Good trip to you all!!!

  2. Hi to you all I’m planning a trip from Dortmund to Istanbul I will probably start the 3rd week of July and probably will take a month to Istanbul and my route will be Germany, Austria, Slovakia, Crotia, Bosnia Herzegovina, Montenegro, Albania, Macedonia , Greece Thessaloniki and Istanbul if there anyone would like to going in any part of the trip it will be a great company I’m not so much stick to the route I can be flexible and hope to experience new things you can contact me at

  3. Hi again from the road. I survived Albania.. Roads are rough… They will rattle your bones. If you ate going through Shkodra in Albania stay with Florian in his guest house – hard to find, but he welcomes you with a beer which is nice.
    I took a couple of detours in Montenegro – well worth it. But watch out for the climbs… As a cyclist you can’t use the roads with major tunnels so I went up and over the mountains twice (routes coming up on my blog).
    Please please visit Kotor.. Stunning and its worth using the route I used for the view…

    Hopefully you won’t need to fix your bike in Dubrovnik… I need to fix a spoke… But no cycle shops here!

  4. Me and a couple of mates are doing route 8 in August! Unfortunately I can’t help you out with anywhere to stay, but if you see three slightly overweight blokes who are lost with no idea what they’re doing then you’re very welcome to have some of our baguette! ๐Ÿ™‚ Best of luck with your journey.

    • Hi Josh (& friends)
      Thanks for the comment. I may take you up on the offer of sharing a baguette if our paths cross. Which direction are you travelling in? Are you doing the full length of the route? And when do you start and finish?
      Good luck with the preparation.
      Happy cycling
      PS: Will you be online (blogging etc…) as you cycle? That way it would be easy to see if our paths did indeed have a chance of crossing.

  5. Hi I have just started my own route athenstolisbon… Day 3! I’m going to be uploading day by day maps with comments you might find useful.
    I met with a couple who have just done Albania – main advice is stick to the coast or highways – everything else is dirt track… A comment echoed by my Albanian student

  6. Andrew- I think we were in contact before we started our second year on the road – from Portugal to the top of Germany and around the Baltic. Well that was fantastic – 10,000 km with Portugal, Sweden and Estonia being highlights. I took a Garmin gps for the first time and free download maps. I find this hard to believe – but taking a gps was such a help and the way I fixed it to the bike worked very well. We fly to Malaysia with the bikes in 1 weeks time to begin year 3. Best of luck for your travels. –Warren

  7. Hi Andrew
    do you have a map reference for the route you took from Lisbon? I’m trying to plan that route for my own journey, but am struggling a little – your help would be appreciated … as per an email I just pinged you next year I am cycling from Lisbon-Athens. So maybe we will meet along the way as you are planning the route from the other direction?

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