Andrew P. Sykes speaks regularly about his travels and his writing.


To mark the publication of ‘Spain to Norway on a Bike Called Reggie, Andrew will be touring the world (well, Britain and Ireland…) talking about his travels and his writing.

UPCOMING EVENTS (exact dates and times will be added when available):

 Here is a short preview:

If you would like him to speak at your event, please get in touch. Details of how to do so are on the contacts page of this website.

Here is a list of some of the events and organisations where Andrew has spoken recently;

Andrew is also available to speak in schools. Please follow this link to the School Speakers website for more information.

“Great to listen to Andrew P. Sykes tonight talking all about his adventures across Europe with Reggie the bike. Fab evening.” Alexa Briggs, @abitlikealexa 

“With Andrew P. Sykes at his pre-launch [of Spain to Norway on a Bike Called Reggie]. Far more interesting than I had imagined!” Faith Lusted, @faithyb33

“Really enjoyed your talk tonight on your epic trip from Spain to Norway at Vélo Life Café. Inspiring stuff! Look forward to the book.” Philip Taylor, @ptaylor28

“Thoroughly enjoyable evening was spent at Vélo Life Café listening to Andrew P. Sykes recount his adventures from the south to North of Europe!” Martin Soames, @boanz62 

‘Andrew Sykes not only has a fascinating story to tell, but he also possesses that all too rare ability to captivate and activate his audience. Seldom have I seen my class so genuinely interested in a visitor to our school. Mr Sykes was able to call on his years of experience of classroom management to ensure a well-ordered and varied interaction with the class. Inspirational and thoroughly recommended!” Dominic Bennett, teacher, Gymnasium Marienthal, Hamburg, Germany

“When the Tour de France came to Yorkshire (and Ripon), Andrew was high on our list of speakers for our cultural festival at Ripon Cathedral. His humorous and interesting adventures around Europe were extremely well received, inspiring many in the audience to believe that cycling adventures were there for the taking. Andrew has a very open, flowing and engaging style, making the audience feel at ease, relaxed and as if they are listening to a friend – always the sign of a good author and great speaker. Would we book him again? In an instant!” Robert Thorpe, The Ripon Tour de France Festival

Andrew is one of the most entertaining presenters we have had the privilege to invite to an event. He gave a very descriptive and entertaining talk about his travels around Europe as part of his book tour to a varied group of cyclists and non-cyclists. Everyone who attended enjoyed the presentation and I have never experienced so many people eager to ask more questions and engage with the speaker than with Andrew’s presentation. The fact that the show overran is testament to his ability to engage the audience and make what could be a very dry presentation into something so entertaining. Russell Cutts, Russell’s Bike Shed, Sheffield