White Rabbits!

There is a lull in action on the Eurovelo 5 front; I think the election is drawing my attention away from cycling. The Couchsurfing Group has a new (2nd) member, a certain Joe Barnett butย I know little about him…. On the other social networking site that is Warmshowers, Marcello Clarizia has offered me a place to stay in Rome – how nice! I don’t know much about Marcello either…. And Kevin has been in contact. He writes;

Hi Andrew,

I am planning to cycle from London to Germany in early July 2010 and am considering cycling along the Eurovelo 5 as far as Luxembourg. Do you know how much of the route can be done traffic-free, i.e. on bike and footpaths rather than on roads used by vehicles? Do you know whether large parts of the route are signposted? What maps are you planning to use for this part of your trip?

I would be grateful for any information you could give me. I will be setting off a couple of weeks before you

Best Regards,


I have, to my shame, not yet replied, but I will Kevin, fear not, probably pointing you in the direction of the route page of this website. I suppose I do know a little bit more about Kevin….

I remembered to say my 1st of the month “white rabbits” this morning, which, like the election, has nothing to do with cycling to Italy either….

The arrival of my butterflies next week will reignite my drive and enthusiasm. Anyone reading this post out of context will now be utterly confused!

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