Cycling from Ireland to Italy for Cancer Research

Rachel McCormack emails from Ireland;

Hi Andrew,
Just happened to come across your website and found it very interesting and quite relevant to me and partner Giovanni. We are finalising preparations for our bike challenge which will see us mountain bike from Dublin, Ireland to Santa Maria di Leucaย in Puglia (approx 110km south of Brindisi). We are hoping to raise funds for the Irish Cancer Society. We are avoiding main roads as much as possible and hope to cycle along canals, lakes, rivers etc as much as possible. We are starting in Mid May and hope to reach the end of our journey 7 weeks later. We have set up a Facebook group called โ€˜Cycling from Ireland to South of Italy for Cancer Researchโ€™ where we will be posting photos of our trip and updates prior and during the adventure. Best of luck to you in your trip. Letโ€™s hope we all make it to Puglia in 1 piece!

You can donate to their charity via their My Charity site. An interesting route that they have chosen which in further to the east than the Eurovelo 5 route. Couldn’t find their page on Facebook; perhaps you can add a comment, Rachel to this post to give me the link? Good luck to them!

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