Yet another way to post / Holidays!

….this is being sent via my new i-pod touch. It is an amazing piece of kit which is so incredibly well designed. It really has brought surfing the Internet to the sofa for the first time without having to balance a laptop on your knee or strain your eyes to read the screen on a mobile phone. It also fills my need to get hold of an MP3 player for those long summer days on the Eurovelo 5.
I’m on holiday this week and may go off for the day down to Bath. It is an easy route – it follows the Kennet & Avon canal via Newbury. I’ll pick a day when the weather looks promising and it will be sandwiched between bouts of work, coffee with friends, a cultural trip to London and, on past experience, long periods of procrastination. When I do set off, you’ll find out all about it on here! Now beginning to get stiff / numb arms from holding the i-pod above me as I lay on the settee. It is not perfect after all. Just nearly.

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