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I do find the statistics of the Internet fascinating almost to the point of geekdom, hence the previous post. It is, for example, depressingly fascinating (but very predictable) that the USA dominates the list of the 100 most-visited sites and that Google tops that list. Interesting that Luxembourg (a link with my trip!) is the home of Skype and thus muscles in on the list as one of only five countries who are in the top 100 other than America; the others are the UK, Brazil, France & Germany in that order and the Grand Duchy squeezes in quite nicely between its continental neighbours. WordPress is on the list with just over 1% of unique users of the Internet (and I suppose, to answer the question posed in the title to the previous post, is actually included in that!); Blogger has 2.3% and Six Apart is the other named blogging site with 0.5% (it is the home of TypePad). For the purposes of comparison, Google has 7.5%. What’s all this to do with Eurovelo 5 (I hear you cry)? Well, nothing, although it did encourage me to look at the list of searches that people made yesterday that pushed them in the direction of . Top is the prosaic eurovelo 5; no surprise there and it gets a few more mentions lower down the list in different guises. My mentions of Mark Beaumont – off to see him in Camberley next Sunday (his Tweets are interesting and it sounds like he is playing to full houses up and down the country) – bring me some traffic although I do feel a bit guilty about that as I am sure people are looking for his site rather than mine! I’m an internet magpie. The handlebars are in there and so are tents that I have debated at (too much?) length over the last couple of years. And then there are the Rockrider shoes, Rockrider being one of the brands of Decathlon. However, a few of the searches are more cryptic; who is Martin Fiennes (a search brings up an ancestral family tree and various Facebook references)? Have I ever mentioned a Martin Fiennes? And I like how someone has searched for andrew euro velo 5; is my first name becoming so associated with the route?

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