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Frustrated in my efforts to find detailed information about the details of the EuroVรฉlo 5 route, I have gone to the top and just sent an email to the European Cyclists’ Federation asking for any updates.
Rue Franklin
281000 Brussels,
phone: +32 2 880 92 74
fax: +32 2 880 92 75 and
I also sent the same email to a chap called Andy Wistow at Sustrans and a chap called Kevin Mayne at CTC both of whom are UK representatives at the ECF. Let’s hope one of them can let me know how the EuroVelo 5 route is developing, if it is, or if it remains just a blue aspirational line on a map of Europe. Watch this space….

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  1. I'm looking forward to reading what ECF is going to answer you. Anyway, at the moment there is 1 only general map about the whole routes. Nothing detailed but somehow helpful. It's published by Galli Verlag and I think you can order it on-line.On the back of the map, about eurovelo 5, you can find short route description. You get that the main connected cities are: London – Canterbury – Dover; Calais – Sain Omer – Lille – Ronse – Brussels – Namur – Luxenbourg – Schengen – Strasbourg – Colmar – Basel – Aarau – Lucerne – St.Gotthard Pass – Chiasso – Como – Roma – Brindisi.For the Rome – Brindisi leg I will provide you all the details in short time. I hope that other associations will do the same for their areas.cheers, Mas

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