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Are you a teacher looking for something different? Look no further…

Andrew P. Sykes, as well as being an experienced cyclist and travel writer, is also a qualified teacher, of French. He knows what makes young minds tick and is able to offer talks, assemblies, lessons, themed days… based upon his travels around Europe on his bicycle called Reggie.

“The children were all engaged and actively learning. They loved learning about the different parts of the bike and were really inspired… Andrew really challenged their thinking with open ended questions aimed at their level of understanding”

Andrew has experience of working across the age range from foundation stage to 6th form and across the curriculum designing bespoke activities to fit your own school’s requirements.

“The resources he used were age appropriate and really inspiring. Our head of KS1 loved how the assembly gave the children a very real experience and provided many cross curricular links (especially important to our school was the Eco link). Andrew gave the children a real feel for the distance he had travelled and the different countries he had visited.”

If you are interested and would like to discuss how Andrew can help you inspire the next generation of travellers, cyclists, writers and adventurers, just fill in the form below and he will be in touch very shortly to discuss how he can help.

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Andrew has been checked by the Disclosure and Barring Service (DBS) and subscribes to their update service for easy verification.

โ€˜Andrew Sykes not only has a fascinating story to tell, but he also possesses that all-too-rare ability to captivate and activate his audience. Seldom have I seen my class so genuinely interested in a visitor to our school. He was able to call on his years of experience of classroom management to ensure a well-ordered and varied interaction with the class. Inspirational and thoroughly recommended!โ€™

Exact charges may vary depending upon the type of school, the type of activities that are required and the location of the school but the following is a guide as to the likely cost of Andrew visiting your school:

  • A full day: ยฃ400
  • Half a day: ยฃ250
  • An assembly / lesson (1 hour): ยฃ150

If you have any questions, please get in touch!