Spain to Norway on a Bike Called Reggie (2017)

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The third book, Spain to Norway on a Bike Called Reggie is the story of a journey from Europe’s most southerly point to its most northerly point. It was published by Summersdale on May 11th 2017 (ISBN: 9781849539906) and can be purchased in all good bookshops and online. Here are a few useful links:


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“Meet Andrew: French teacher, writer and long-distance cyclist.

Now, meet Reggie, his bike.

With two European cycling adventures already under his belt, Andrew was ready for a new challenge. Exchanging his job as a teacher in Oxfordshire for an expedition on Reggie the bike, he set off on his most daring trip yet: a journey from Tarifa in Spain to Nordkapp in Norway – from Europe’s geographical south to its northernmost point.

Join the duo as they take on an epic journey across nearly 8000 km of Europe, through mountains, valleys, forests and the open road, proving that no matter where you’re headed, life on two wheels is full of surprises.”

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  1. I’ve just finished this book and really enjoyed reading it! When I finished the last page, it felt like saying goodbye to a great traveling companion and cycling mate.
    I recommend this book to everybody who likes traveling and cycling and reading about it.

    Thanks for a great book!

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