Eurovelo 9

(Summary information and map credit: European Cyclists’ Federation)

“It may not be the longest of EuroVelo routes but EuroVelo 9 has so much to offer. Rivers, seas and mountains; itโ€™s packed full of adventures over its (relatively!) short distance. Start with a refreshing ride on the Baltic coast and finish the trip with a relaxed swim in the Adriatic Sea. In between you can enjoy welcoming local communities with exquisite culinary traditions in Poland, Czechia, Austria, Slovenia and Croatia.”

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  1. Hi Andrew,
    we made that tour last year. Some hints, impressions and all our gpx-tracks can be found on
    Our EV 8 experience ended some days ago in Athens. Great tour, and we are starting now the kindle issue of your tour. Tomorrow we continue to Thessaloniki, then to Skopje and Sofia, where our summer tour will come to its end.
    Best wishes
    Ute & Martin

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