Eurovelo 5: Remember That?

I have spent tha last week banging on about butterfly handlebars so it is a relief to post about the Eurovelo 5 again, albeit during a “nuit blanche”; I have man flu and can’t sleep…. So, as one does on such occasions, I was browsing the list of links that people have used to access this site. One that had been used quite a bit recently is the Eurovelo 5 forumย on the CTC website. It’s not been active recently but there was a post on the 23rd of April from “MarkW” who writes;

Greetings all! I was updating our Eurovelo information sheet (EU7) which had mysteriously disappeared off the radar (CTC Information Sheet Index) and was very pleased to discover this thread, not to mention, Andrew, your blog, which I haven’t yet had time to check out. The ECFย are, I guess, doing what they can to move the development forward but it’s not encouraging to find reports, for example on EV7, dated December 2004. Anyway, I’ve added links from here and the blog to our information sheet. Keep up the good work of bringing these superb prospective routes to fruition. Mark Waters, Touring Officer

That’s rather nice. no? I found EU7 on the CTC website (you need to be a member to access it) and here is the updated extract for Eurovelo 5;

ย I could almost blush….

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