Il Movimento Lento

…or “The Slow Movement” which has nothing to do with a difficult bowel situation and everything to do with walking and cycling. A nice concept for a “movement”. There have been a few people visiting this website via the website of “Il Movimento Lento” so I went to discover what it is all about and to my delight they have linked to Puglia 2010! More than that, they have given me an entire page on their website. Wow! The text, in Italian, is as follows:
Alberto ConteDall’Inghilterra alla Puglia, in bicicletta
Andrew sta organizzando un lungo viaggio in bicicletta, lungo Eurovelo 5, il percorso ciclabile internazionale associato alla Via Francigena.
Partirร  nell’agosto del 2010, e dovrebbe arrivare a Brindisi dopo 5 settimane. Potrebbe essere, dice Andrew, l’inizio di un giro del mondo a tappe.
Il suo blog,, รจ ben fatto e aggiornato con regolaritร . Propone spunti interessanti e rende bene l’atmosfera della preparazione del viaggio.
Merita una visita, magari per prendere un appuntamento con Andrew e accompagnarlo per un tratto del suo itinerario.
I think my Italian can manage a translation:
“Andrew is organising a long journey by bike along the length of the Eurovelo 5, an international cycle route based upon the Via Francigena. He’s leaving in August 2010 and should arrive in Brindisi after five weeks. It could be, Andrew says, the first stage of a round the World trip. His blog (I like this bit!!!) is well made and updated regularly. It’s an interesting starting point and describes well the preparations for his trip. It’s worth a visit, and worth getting in touch with Andrew if you would like to accompany him on a part of his trip.”
My first review, and it’s positive! Thanks Alberto Conte.

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  1. I cycles from Derby to Lichfield today, about 30 miles. With a 20 min stop for a puncture and rest, and a head wind most of the way I was pleased with the 4 hrs 20 mins!(I accidentally posted this on an older post, but better placed here!)

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