The Tent: My Home for Five Weeks in the Summer

One little debate on this website can now come to an end as I have a tent! Just delivered and kind-of pitched in my living room with the help of a couple of chairs, a pair of sandals and a pot plant. I may have to use the pegs out on the Eurovelo 5. Its smell (yes, I did crawl inside and lay down) reminds me of the new tents that I used to erect for Eurocamp when I was a student; it’s a summer smell! Very exciting…. It’s a Vangoย Helium Superlite 100 tentย btw for those readers who haven’t been following the year-long debate ๐Ÿ™‚

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  1. How does the space look for storing your stuff as well as you? Are you leaving the panniers on the bike overnight or is there space between the inner and outer tent to store them? Or could they even fit in the tent with you?

    • It’s difficult to tell how much room there is when the only things pulling the “canvas” (not sure what material it is actually made from) taught is a couple of chairs and a pot plant but…. it seemed roomy enough. I would like put all my gear inside if possible; another reason for taking a little as possible!

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