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I don’t end to have the time (or energy) to post mid-week in term term but today is an exception as it’s been a busy Puglia 2010 day. Recieved a couple of emails, one from Kevin Payne at CTC who has pointed me in the direction of someone called Phil Insall at Sustrans. I won’t follow that up until I hear something from the other chap at Sustrans who I emailed yesterday. The second email was from Jean-Marie in Belgium who writes (apologies to non-French speakers):
Bonjour Andrew,
Je te remercie d’avoir répondu à mon eMail.
Ce sera un vrais plaisir pour moi de rester en contact avec toi et de s’entraider à arriver chacun à notre but.
Il n’y a aucun problème pour les routes belges, je te ferai une proposition d’itinéraires pour traverser la Belgique. Il faudra simplement me dire par quelle ville te entres en Belgique, mais je suppose qu’il s’agira de Bruges ou Ostende. J’ai déjà une belle route qui van de Bruges à Bruxelles (115km).
Je vais contacter un ami cyclo qui a réalisé déjà le trajet Bruxelles – Rome. Je t’enverai les détails de cette route dès que je les ai.
Moi je prévois de faire le trajet la dernière semaine de juillet en 2010, avec mon fils. Ce sera l’occasion pour nous deux de vivre ensemble une grande aventure pour fêter mes 50ans! Mons fils (Michäl) à 26 ans. Je pense reprendre quelques récits de ce voyage sur le site internet de notre club cyclo
Lors de ton passage en Belgique on pourrait peut-être organiser avec le club que l’on fasse une partie de la route avec toi. Je suiverai avec impatience l’évolution de ton blog.
A très bientôt,

That’s all very useful stuff and very kind, especially the offer in the last paragraph! Jean-Marie: je te contacterai très bientot!
More activity comes via the box that you will find down on the right if you scroll towards the bottom of this page. It is called FEEDJIT Live Traffic Feed and is very interesting. If you click on “watch in real time” it shows who has been and gone on the blog and how they found it. Yesterday, a visitor from Melbourne in Australia found their way to via – the site I originally read about in Mark Beaumont’s book, The Man Who Cycled the World. By following the link backwards, I found the following entry on one of the pages of Warmshowers:
EUROVELO, looking for local enthusiasts to strenghten the network
Submitted by sannioinbici on Wed, 2009-09-02 02:56

EuroVelo, the European cycle route network, is a project of the European Cyclists’ Federation (ECF). It is made up of 12 routes, totalling over 66,000 km, of which about 45,000 km is already in place. (
The development and operation of the EuroVelo routes are carried out by national, regional and local governments but it proceeds very slowly. I think that ALL CYCLISTS living along one of the routes SHUOLD SUPPORT THE PROJECT.
For istance, I live in Benevento which is situated in the middle of the Rome – Brindisi leg of Eurovelo 5. I’ve recently set up a facebook group named Eurovelo 5 and I would like to gather cyclists living on this London – Brindisi route. The aim is to develop common promotion actions and assist travellers on the route.
In August 2010 for istance, there will be an English guy cycling the whole route. His blog is We will host in Benevento and take the chance of his arrival to advertise locally the eurovelo route. It would be nice if other people did the same!
I think the entry has been made by Massimo Mazzone – thanks Massimo! It is great to be quoted or referenced on other websites and a little bizarre. I better not change my mind now…

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