Eurovelo Route 5 – London to Dover Part

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Hi Andrew,
Hope you don’t mind me emailing you, absolutely not!!! This blog would have died a death a long time ago without them I think ๐Ÿ™‚  I found your email on the your blog on Mmmm… Makes me wonder if you have actually seen this blog at  I just learnt about the Eurovelo cycle system and it seems like such a good idea, I agree but I think it’s really wierd that it isn’t so easy to find clearly labelled route maps online, or even were to buy them. I agree even more but I suppose it is one of those things that gets thrown out as an idea from a big governmental body – in this case the EU – but not enough time is devoted to the nitty gritty of the practicalities compared to time (and glory) associated with the “big idea”…
I’ve thinking about cycling to Amsterdam mostly following the North Sea Cycle Route (Eurovelo 12), Have you seen a book called “Cycling Back to Happiness” by a chap called Bernie Friend – I mentioned it on here a couple of weeks ago and have just started reading it. He cycles the North Sea Cycle Route – so far, it is a good read (but only got to page 50!) but I’m thinking about starting from London to Calias on Eurovelo 5 and picking up Eurovelo 12 up from Calais. I know the route goes through roughly through Canterbury to Dover, but do you know, or have you been able to find a detailed map? Yes and no. I haven’t actually seen a map yet but I am assuming that the Eurovelo 5 from London to Dover piggybacks on the National Cycle Network route number 1; this is a long-distance route from The Shetlands to Dover and is well mapped. as indeed are most of the UK’s National Cycle Network routes. When you click on the link in the previous sentence you’ll notice that you could actually take a short cut route number 16 from Canterbury to Dover which avoids the coast (if you wat to avoid it that is!).
If this is part of the Eurovelo route does that mean it’s sign posted from london, and if so where do you pick the route up from? The European in me would like to think that the route is dual signed as the NCN Route 1 and also the EV5 but I can’t say with any certainty. There is quite a detailed entry on Wikipedia for the route – have a look at that as to where to pick it up in London. It seems to skirt through east London rather than going through the centre (which is pity as nothing beats cycling into London and ending up in Trafalgar Square!).
If it’s not sign posted, and it’s difficult to find already marked map I don’t see how the route is actually a “eurovelo route”. See comments above – follow NCN route number 1. If you’ve got to figure out your own route then the fact that it’s a eurovelo route doesn’t make much difference.
Have you got any idea’s or advice. I take your point but go back to the aspirational element of the whole thing. Perhaps one day it will….
Thanks for you help. Good luck with your cycle ride. And with yours too!
Thanks to you too for taking an interest in the blog

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