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Changes To The Highway Code: Everything Cyclists Should Know

Imagine if there were no rules on the road; it would be utter chaos. Cars would be travelling at ridiculous speeds, pedestrians would have next to no chance of crossing the road safely, and there’d be a whole host of serious accidents. That’s why we have the Highway Code. The Highway Code is a set of mandatory rules and guidelines that apply to all road users in the United Kingdom. The aim of them is to improve everyone’s safety.

A Gem? Serious Wanderlust? TV-Level Production?

Back in the early days of ‘Cycling Europe’ I used to publish lots of the reviews that were written for the books. I’m a bit more relaxed about reviews nowadays but when I do stumble upon them, it’s always nice to hear that unknown people out there around the world have read, listened or watched something that I have created and have enjoyed the experience. As suggested in that previous sentence, it’s now more than just books; there are over 350 YouTube videos with nearly a quarter of a million views and 61 episodes of The Cycling Europe Podcast which is, I am told, in the top 2.5% of podcasts worldwide. If you have yet to discover the books, the films or the podcasts, here are a few of those reviews that may tempt you to give them a try…

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The End Of 2022 Is Nigh… And 2023 Beckons

With the editing done and the premieres of Le Grand Tour films uploaded and scheduled for the remaining Thursdays in December (well, the three before Christmas), my mind can return to other matters ‘Cycling Europe’. And there are a few plans that have been on the back-burner that can now move to the front of the gas hob. If, that is, I can afford to turn on the gas…

Danny MacAskill’s Postcard From San Francisco

I noticed a new video from Danny MacAskill this week: Postcard from San Francisco. I haven’t really been keeping up with his videos in recent months and years but when it comes to spectacular cycling films, his are difficult to beat and, with the financial might of the Red Bull corporation, the production values are cinematic. How he manages to balance on top of that tennis net is a mystery known only to the man himself. I like how he has to push his bike through Alcatraz and it’s good to know that he does fall off once in a while (probably significantly more than that…). Enjoy the film!

Le Grand Tour: The Film Premieres

In recent weeks, indeed since returning from my ‘Grand Tour’ of the continent early in September, I haven’t posted much to But I have been busy. Busy film editing… It was always my plan to make use of the significant amount of video footage – over 3,000 clips – in a film that retold the story of the epic cycle from The Hook of Holland to The Hook of Holland via much of France, Switzerland and the Rhinelands.

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Best Countries For Your First Cycling Trip In Europe

As a cyclist, you have probably contemplated a cycling holiday in Europe. It makes sense with all the beautiful landscapes, cycling routes, and exciting destinations. The only real problem is that it’s hard to visit all the countries in one go! As a first-timer, you likely want to tick off all the famous and exciting locations, preferably ones with plenty of cycling routes. Luckily, this list has all the best countries for a first-timers cycling trip in Europe.

What To Do If You Experience A Cycling Accident On The Road

There are over 100 deaths per year due to cycling accidents in the UK. In this article, we will explain what to do if you experience such an accident on the road. Almost everyone with a car has felt the road rage swell up within because of a bad cyclist. Likewise, most cyclists have thought up some choice words for dodgy drivers. Accidents between these two vehicles are far more common than the average person might think. 

Le Grand Tour: Part 3 – La Véloscénie (Paris To Mont-Saint-Michel)

Later this year I will be releasing a film about my 5,500km journey by bicycle and train from the Hook of Holland, along the Dutch and Belgian coasts, anticlockwise around France, into Switzerland beside the Rhone and finally along the Rhine to Rotterdam. Editing takes time but, in anticipation of the full film being finished by the end of 2022, here’s a 10-minute segment of the film that tells the story of my cycle along La Véloscénie from Paris to Mont-Saint-Michel via Chartres, Nogent-le-Rotrou and Domfront. Wacth out for the Musée du Vélo! The music is from the skilled fingers of Rob Ainsley and the audio commentary is taken from episode 054 of The Cycling Europe Podcast.