Happy Christmas!

It’s been a quiet end-of-year here at CyclingEurope.org but it’s back to normal service in 2018, a year that marks the 10th anniversary of the site. Tempus fugit… The card, by the way, is courtesy of the Cambridge Cycle Campaign where I gave a talk earlier in the […]

Top 6 Road Bike Handlebars

By Nancy Moss When looking to upgrade your bike for a more comfortable ride, cyclists will generally look to pedals, saddles and handlebars to make the difference as these are the three key touch points that connect you to your bike. Now while riders will generally spend a […]

Eroica Britannia 2017: The Film

Some of you may have been there… look out for yourself if you were. The film does seem to link the two previous posts on CyclingEurope.org together quite nicely: the film-themed podcast and this morning’s cycle into the Peak District, just. Eroica Britannia is back in Derbyshire in […]