Cycling Europe At The Edinburgh Festival Of Cycling

Following last weekend’s Cycle Touring Festival in Clitheroe, this year’s Cycling Europe speaking tour moves on to… Edinburgh in June: I’ll be speaking on June 8th at 6.30pm in the Pleasance Cabaret Bar (!)… …and tickets can be purchased via the Edinburgh Festival of Cycling website. More generally, […]

Science, By Bike

You’re cycling down the road and you see something ahead of you on the tarmac. It’s not moving and appears somewhat flattened. Rubbish? Horse shit? A hub cap? You get a little closer and discover it’s none of these… it’s a hedgehog. Or rather it was. As the […]

The Cycle Touring Festival: Sunday

What a good day… It’s been the fourth edition of Laura and Tim Moss’ Cycle Touring Festival in Clitheroe; I’ve been to three of them and it has been the best I’ve experienced so far. Great people, interesting stories and with my podcast hat on today was spent […]

The Ridgeback Panorama: Bike-Packing Mode

One of the nicest things about the Cycle Touring Festival here in Clitheroe is the conversations that take place between the more formal sit-down-and-listen sessions. Earlier this evening I was approached by a chap called Robert, an academic at Reading University. We got chatting and it turns out […]

The Cycle Touring Festival: Saturday

It’s that time of the year once again… I’m with my homies here in Clitheroe. Beautiful weather, interesting talk, nice food and decent beer. A quadruple whammy of goodness at the Cycle Touring Festival. I delivered two talks (‘Ten Years of Cycling Europe’ and ‘Podcasting on Tour’) and […]

4 Great Cycling Areas In England

Guest post by Michael Payne England is a beautiful country for cycling. Its famous countryside areas offer routes that are both challenging and picturesque, and in many cases you can also begin or end a cycling journey with a specific attraction or tourist destination. That way, you really […]

Tour De Yorkshire: Day 0 (Part 2)

The great and the good of cycling out in force for the pre-event launch of this year’s Tour de Yorkshire; Welcome to Yorkshire’s Sir Gary Verity, the Tour de France’s Christian Prudhomme and La Vuelta’s Javier Guillén. Is that a sign that Spain’s big race might be coming […]

Tour De Yorkshire: Day 0 (Part 1)

Not sure how many of days 1 to 4 upon which there will be comment on but here I am on the eve of ‘Le Tour Yorkshire’ in Leeds. The (non-cycling) action kicks off at 6pm in Millennium Square with the usual razzmatazz associated with any big […]