Cycling Japan: The Numbers

It’s not quite the deep mid-winter but today, with the heating on and me having yet to leave the house, it could easily be so. My mind turns to the heat and humidity (that was the topic of the last Japan-related post) of next summer, Japan and… a […]

8 Tips For Better Winter Cycling

Shorter days, colder weather and excess moisture do not mean you need to place your bike in storage until summer rolls around once more — it simply means you need to be smarter about how you bike. Winter cycling is not for everyone, but if you think it […]

Cycling Japan: Into The Eye Of A Storm?

With Typhoon Hagibis moving over Tokyo, it seems an appropriate moment to consider what the weather might be like when I cycle the length of the country in July and August 2020. Let’s start with typhoons. Here’s an image from the website of Japan with the current […]