“101 Books Every Cyclist Should Read” (Especially Three…)

Yesterday I received an online alert about an article on – ‘a buyers guide to the cycling world‘ which featured a reference to ‘…on a Bike Called Reggie‘. I went to investigate and discovered not just one reference, but three! Here’s what was said about each of the books.

Crossing Europe on a Bike Called Reggie

“Andrew Sykes gives us a quirky ride through Europe accompanied by his humorous wit that makes the trip feel like a fun time with an old friend. He gives great advice on the things he wishes he had known before making some of these excursions that really would benefit the next adventurer. His casual language narrates the paths he takes as though he is telling you about it over his shoulder as you ride along with him through the old streets and sweeping background.”

Along The Med on a Bike Called Reggie

“A school teacher sets out on the open road with very little resembling a plan aside from bringing some supplies to rough it through the night. His quirky and dry sense of humor brings a familiarity to his exploits that really strikes a chord with the reader and encourages further interest. He takes an anecdotal approach to life on two wheels that draws the reader in and just keeps on pedaling at a constant rate despite the obstacles all the way till the end of the tour.”

Spain to Norway on a Bike Called Reggie

“Andrew Sykes makes this 8000km epic journey through Europe with his beloved bike called Reggie. The trip starts from Tarifa, Spain and ends in Nordkapp in Norway โ€“ from Europeโ€™s geographical south to its northernmost point. Definitely, one of the best books about long-distance cycling in Europe. As you noticed this is the third book by this author in our list.”

Not a definitive list of cycling books by any means – Amazon lists thousands – but nice that at least in one person’s top 101 books about cycling, reggie and myself feature not once but three times.

You can browse the full list of’s ‘101 Books Every Cyclist Should Read’ by following this link.

Which is your favourite?

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