Photography: Freedom Of Movement On A Bicycle

In these dying days of Britain being within the European Union, a retrospective photographic look at what the freedom of movement – across a peaceful continent of countries with shared values and aspirations – means in reality… That freedom is about to be curtailed for most people within the United Kingdom, and 52% of people voted in favour of such a move. The yobs outside parliament who heckle and shout ‘Nazi’ without any comprehension as to just how offensive such words can be to most people in Europe fail to think at this level.ย  No, that’s wrong. They simple fail to think. Reflect upon that as you wander through the photographs below.

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  1. My vote to leave was just about democracy, in the UK we have public accountable leaders unlike the EU Bureaucratic. We should leave as per our vote no deal, we will still be able to cycle tour, as per all other countries not in the EU.

    • If you were that concerned about democracy Clive, you’d be out on the streets protesting against the bi-cameral legislature only one of which is elected (with a voting system that should have been relegated to history decades ago) and a unelected head of state (that’s Britain by the way). The EU is a very democratic and accountable institution. Clearly you don’t like it but please get your facts right…

  2. It’s rarely mentioned in all the endless shouting but the biggest crime is that millions of UK citizens have had their freedom of movement taken from them. As have all the young – who had no say is this stupidity.

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    I have not blogged for a very long time but I feel I must reblog this posting during a time when the UK is about to commit enormous self harm. Brexit is a nightmare and I hope that I soon wake up from it.

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