Walking To Work / Autumn Sunlight

The sunlight yesterday was beautiful. It was the early morning / evening sunlight of summer for a full twelve hours and I took advantage by walking some of the way to work in Halifax. It also afforded me the opportunity of working in RAW for the first time. I’m a convert but if anyone can recommend an image editor that goes beyond what the Apple Photos app can do (for a reasonable cost), I’d be interested in finding out. One or two of the images below may be added to the Cycling Europe photo gallery but which one(s)?

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  1. Luminar 2018 is very capable as a RAW developer. It is similar to Lightroom, but without the Library and Asset Management (Apparently coming in Luminar 2019 in December). That allows you to store your heavy RAW files on your local disk and just upload the finished exported JPEGs to Apple Photos. Luminar costs about 70€ but is a perpetual license rather than a monthly subscription. They have said that Luminar 2019 with the added Library feature will be a free upgrade to 2018 customers. If you are thinking subscribing to Lightroom, I would hold fire and give Luminar a try.

  2. Andrew, I have used Lightroom for a few years (at 10€ per month), because I do not want to be uploading GB of RAW files to my Apple Photos. I keep my Lightroom Library on my Mac, edit in Lightroom and export developed photos as JPEGs to Apple Photos. I begrudge the Monthly payment to Adobe. Luminar (from Skylum Software) is a fine alternative to Developing in Lightroom. It cost about 80€ but is a perpetual license. No more monthly Subscription! It does not currently have the “Asset Management” features of Lightroom, but they are due out in the next (free upgrade) version Luminar 2019, due out in December.

  3. Thinking about it but price is a bit of an issue, it does include cloud storage though. Currently paying £2.49 a month for storage on iCloud. If you want to store raw files on the cloud you will eat storage.

    • I’m already beyond my 200GB of £2.49 on iCloud and a couple of months had to upgrade to the £6.99 2TB option. I have around 30,000 images stored on iCloud and nearly 2,000 videos but with another 1,800GB to go, I should be OK with RAW for the time being…

  4. Depends what camera you have but I have always used the free Nikon software. Considering it’s free it has worked perfectly well for me. I guess other manufacturers have similar software?

    • It’s a Canon EOS 80D (great camera btw) and yes, there is a piece of imaging software that comes with it. Haven’t really investigated it – I probably should – but I imagine that (as it is ‘free’ – clearly not as the camera wasn’t cheap…) it is of a similar quality to the Apple Photos app editing functions (which are, in fairness, pretty good). When working in RAW, how do you address the storage issue?

    • Andrew The two obvious alternatives are Google photos and Adobe lightroom. Lightroom is £10 per month though.

      • Thanks. Can’t imagine the Google photos offers much more than the Apple Photos app. I don’t think I could justify an ongoing £10 payment. Do you use Adobe?

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