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IMG_5669I remember cycling from the southern tip of Spain to the northern tip of Norway back in 2015 – my third crossing of Europe by bike – and coming to the conclusion that however wonderful the experience was (and it was usually just that), I had inadvertently sacrificed one of the four seasons. For me, 2015 was a year of only three seasons; winter in the UK, autumn back in the UK but from April to the end of August I experienced only spring. Summer eluded me. Not because it was a particularly bad summer weather-wise, but simply because I was cycling as fast as the season was progressing north across Europe. It was spring in Spain, France, Belgium, The Netherlands and Germany but as travelled into Denmark, Sweden and then Norway, the length of the days may have increased but the temperature never did and I was cycling through what appeared to be a perpetual spring. The year as witnessed from my Brooks saddle was a year without summer.

Escaping the summer was never an issue in 2013 on the second European crossing from southern Greece to southern Portugal along the coast of the Mediterranean. Almost every one of those 60 or so days was a perfect summer day. There were even times when I prayed for rain; on one or two days it came close to doing so but not one drop of water ever fell. Remarkable when you think about it. The cooler days in the southern Alps, on Mont Ventoux and in the foothills of the Pyrenees on the French-Spanish border offered a welcome break from the searing heat.

It’s difficult to beat a summer in the southern French Alps, a place that offers an almost perfect combination of climate, nature and spectacular views and whether you are on or off the bike there is always plenty to doย on a summer holiday in the mountains


As for the other seasons… I find myself to be an increasingly fair-weather cyclist. I think back a few years to when I cycled every day, come sun, rain or even snow…

…on my former commute from my home at the time in Reading to my work in Henley-on-Thames. Perhaps I should escape Europe in the winter months. Asia perhaps? There are many places here which are perfect for exploring by bike. If you are unfamiliar with the area then you can get help from a company such asย True Luxury Travelย who can schedule in guided bike tours for you. Perhaps I should give them a call…

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