Retro Cycling Photo Of The Day: The Sturmey Archer Gear Shifter

This is a picture of one small part of a colleague’s bicycle that I took this afternoon. Rather beautiful, no?

Here’s a bit of Sturmey Archer history:

Go on then, let’s have a picture of the Rohloff Speedhub. I wonder if one day I might own one…

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  1. My dad bought me a BSA bike with Sturmy Archer gears when I passed my 11plus

    I’ve toyed with the idea of a Rohloff but nervous about spares. Also I’ve been brought up by a Yorkshire man. A ยฃ1000 for gears? He’d turn in his grave!

  2. Both the gear shift and the handle bar grip,takes me back to my Mums Bike ,which i used to use on my paper round back in the 60,s…..happy days….

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