EuroCycle – Offline Maps For EuroVelo Cycle Routes

I like this app. It’s a fairly simple thing but, for those like me who are fans of the EuroVelo network, it’s rather nifty. I stumbled upon it via the Wikipedia EuroVelo page the other day as I wanted to check a distance of one of the routes. It’s worth looking at and can be downloaded for the iPhone via this link. It costs £1.99 in the UK. Here are a few screenshots:

Here’s the app store description:

The EuroVelo network consists of 15 breathtaking bicycle tracks through Europe – from Sicilia to the North Cape, from London to Warsaw. With this app, you can explore them all.

The EuroCycle app allows you to download offline maps for each route and use them on the go to find the way without needing an Internet connection. Furthermore, you can see helpful nearby places along the way such as hotels, hostels…

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  1. As a big fan of Eurovelo its very disappointing,fails to download on to my Google phone,…… keep with guide books..


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